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Time to Slow Down and Savor the Simple Things that Make Us a Couple


We are quick to place our kids in front of a photographer's camera because we want to cherish every moment. We don't want to miss a thing.


But what about us? How many moments have we missed since our wedding day

That was the last time we've stood in front of a camera.

How much has changed since then?


Just like our kids change every year, so do we. We just don't have the proof in the pictures like we do with them. We need to capture the moments that define our lives not just our kids' lives.


I know. We're too busy. Too much going on. Work. Kids. When was the last time we even went on a real date?

We need to slow down and savor the simple things that make us a couple.

Like a dying fire, our relationship needs to breath if it is to stay lit.


There's no right or wrong way to keep it lit. We just have to put in a little effort. All that matters is that we are there with each other remembering how we used to be.


A portrait session with just the two of us can give us the excuse we need to look into each other's eyes again... to hold hands... to snuggle up close...


We don't have to wait for some life-changing event to stand in front of a camera. That's why we have so few photographs of us now. We missed a lot of little moments while we waited.


I don't want to do that anymore. I want to remember those little moments that make us a couple.

I want to schedule a portrait session.

In fact, let's make it a date.

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