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Shooting My First Roll of Film in 15 Years

Well, I finally shot my first roll of film in over 15 years yesterday. I was blessed to have Katie and Derrick Pellegrin volunteer to be my film models and to have my wife Jennifer along on the video camera. 

The first film challenge that stuck out like a sore thumb was that I had only 36 exposures on my roll of Kodak Portra 400 35mm film. Rather than machine gun my shutter, I had to carefully set up each film shot before I burned a frame on it.

As the shoot went on, it became more of a hybrid session where I would shoot digital first for each scene set-up then switch to the film. My Canon 6D gave me the confidence that I was exposing correctly for the film since I couldn't see what it looked like on the back of my Canon Elan 7E.

I'm sending off the film Monday morning to The Find Lab. With a 5- to 8-day turnaround, I hope to have my film scans back in a week or so. With any luck, they'll turn our beautifully.

So Katie and Derrick wouldn't have to wait along with me, I edited the digital pictures to look like they were shot with Portra 400. You can see two of them in the video.