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First Roll of Film Scans are Here

The film scans from my film session with Derrick and Katie Pellegrin came in on Tuesday. To my delight, several of the shots were what I would consider to be keepers. Unfortunately, not all 36 exposures came out correctly. I did have a few that were not in focus, and the shutter speed got too slow on a few that caused those frames to have too much motion blur

Being that it has been 15 years since I last shot a roll of film, these scans are definitely not what I remember film being like. Back then, many of my shots would be too underexposed to be useful in a magazine. Recently, though, I discovered that it is way better to overexpose film than to underexpose it.

That's why I made sure the exposure meter on my Canon Elan 7E showed at least 2 stops overexposure on every frame. Since it was a overcast day, I probably would have been better ramping it up to 3 stops overexposure.

Oh well. I'm learning how to correctly shoot film, and the frames below have only increased my desire to shoot my second roll. I've got just the person in mind, and I'll be getting in touch with her and her mom in the next couple days.

Until then, I encourage you to find your own film camera - look around in your store room or ask a family member or friend if they have one. Buy a roll of film and fire away. If you do, make sure to let me know how it came out. I want to see what you shot.

Also, feel free to comment about the frames below. What do you like about them? What do you not like about them? What stands out about them? Anything you'd like to let me know I'd love to hear it.

BTW, if you're viewing these on a laptop or PC, these frames may look way too bright and too blue when they are not. Apple products tend to show the true colors, so check out this post on your iPhone or iPad if they don't look just right to you.