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Living on a Prayer During Franklinton Street Teen Session as Plan A Evaporates

I'm a firm believer that if you want more interesting pictures you have to put your camera in front of more interesting subjects. Neither Franklinton nor Ashlynn disappointed yesterday. In fact, both opened up a new world of possibilities as to what can be accomplished shooting on the street in Franklinton if you are brave enough to be yourself.

Our plan A evaporated quickly when we found a bunch of cars parked where I never expected them to be. Plans don't really matter, though, when you're trying to capture emotions, moods, and moments; they can happen anywhere. We decided to set off and live on a prayer.

Ashlynn said she preferred Bon Jovi for her portrait playlist, so we walked Ellis Street like wanted cowboys.

Then found this killer spot down Greenlaw Street. I had been eyeing this location for several weeks. It wasn't a bed of roses (ok, I'll stop), but Ashlynn made this concrete jungle her own. "I've driven past here a million times and never noticed this wall," he mom said.

The Ace Hardware lumber barn? Really? We started to see a recurring theme here with bars and barbed wire. I'm not going to say they represent Ashlynn's personality, but I did have her in class. Maybe it was some kind of Freudian Slip on my part. 

Sometimes plan A opens up to you if you're patient.

We wrapped up back on Ellis Street where Ashlynn enjoyed her complimentary Coke. Not sure what I said, but she must not have liked it... threw her dang Coke on me!

Maybe the bars and barbed wire weren't accidental after all.

Love you Ashh! #feelslikefranklinton