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Why run the risk of disappointing parents with team and individual sports portraits that didn’t live up to their expectations? When your youth sports league collaborates with Chris Ginn Photography, you are partnering with a proven professional sports photographer who will exceed all expectations with studio quality portraits in your parents’ hands in a timely manner. Chris brings his studio to you with the ability to set up his professional and cutting-edge lighting indoors or outside.

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Finding the right fundraising for your youth sports league is tricky. Photographers have traditionally offered a commission to sports leagues as a form of fundraising, but the downside of receiving a commission for photos sold is that it raises picture prices for your families. Chris Ginn Photography is not opposed to a commission if that best suits your league’s needs, but I have created a different avenue of fundraising that keeps prices low for families while generating funds for your league.


EXCLUSIVITY CONTRACT - Chris Ginn Photography and your league enter into an agreement that I will be given the first opportunity to take all the photographs for your league for a period of time. The contract begins with a 3-year commitment, and the monetary offer is: number of players multiplied by the number of years, multiplied by $1.00.

For example, your local youth baseball league has 400 players. If you sign a 4-year commitment, that comes out to $1600! (400x4x$1.00).

The benefits of the contract are apparent.

  1. Your league receives a large monetary donation from Chris Ginn Photography.

  2. Your league does not have to go through the photographer selection process for a number of years.

  3. Picture prices are not inflated with the contract unlike the usual shoot-day commission approach.

  4. A one-on-one relationship is created between Chris Ginn Photography and your league that fosters continuing mutual respect.

  5. Continuing confidence that your league photo day will run smoothly with print products in your parents’ hands in a timely manner.

  6. Continuing confidence that your league team and individual photos will have consistent lighting, consistent posing, and consistent colors.

green screen technology


NEW AND FASTER PHOTO-DAY PROCESS - With our NEW Green Screen system we can now take all of the photos we need to produce your individual and team photos all at the same time! This creates a faster photo day so you spend less time in front of the camera and more time doing what you need to do with your team that day!

No Weather Issues! - With green screen we can setup anywhere indoors eliminating any weather delays!

Professional Lighting - We use professional studio lighting to give you the best photos you have ever seen on photo day!

Awesome Graphics - You will get the best graphics with green screen! We remove the green and put your player on unique backgrounds and graphics!

Perfect For Any Sport! - It doesn't matter what sport! With our green screen program we can provide this service for you!

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